About Jamroom

We’re very happy to say that Jamroom generates great exposure for

rehearsal and recording spaces,

helping to grow this branch of the music industry

Aviram Zeevy [Founder]

After we despaired of the amount of wasted time it took to find a studio to record in,

or a space to rehearse in,

we decided to develop a platform which would help musicians

like us find the creative space they need

according to parameters like time, price, location etc.

Lev Kerzhner [Founder]

With our understanding of the music industry,

as well as a passion for technology,

we managed to developed an efficient, successful platform

that helps thousands of musicians every day,

find the space they need.

Aviram Zeevy [Founder]

Jamroom helps musicians find the creative space they need without wasting valuable time, searching the internet for reviews and gear lists, or on the phone trying to find an available space at the time they need.

Jamroom has all the information necessary to book a rehearsal in one place.

Founded by two musicians who had a problem, finding an available creative space to play in.